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I am an emerging artist who lives in Nanaimo BC, moving here from Kingston Ontario. I have always loved to paint and create with lots of bold colours. Painting with lots of colour is energizing.  Nature, people, my surroundings, other artists, the list could go on, inspire me, giving me endless colour choices and creative ideas for my work.

As a self-taught artist, I have not received any professional training. However, I have attended some workshops and enjoy creating a banner for the annual Nanaimo Festival of Banners. I primarily use acrylics in my work, but have also experimented with watercolour pencils and oil paints. Although I cannot explain it, I find myself consistently drawn back to acrylics. I have also converted some of my pieces into digital images and am selling them as art cards. If you are interested in any of my current works, please feel free to contact me.


Cheers and thank you for viewing my site


Vancouver Island Artist with bright, colourful, and energetic art that is creative and happy.

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